Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Oh those humans lumbering along

Conceiting per usual, walking in their strident way

Some are short, some are oblong

They fill up the night and day.

There is no room for me

I am just a creature of death to them

They stereotype me and make me pay fee

For all of nothing unto their thick stem.

And never will they soon understand

I fly above them, black feathers unnoticed and clean

Their uncaring society so very bland

They will pay me in return for they have done too much mean.

But for now I will fly away

And hope there will come better day.


  1. I hope so young bird. May you fly your wings in peace. No pests to haunt you or to be mean at you. If you need help, thee the cardinal shall give a wing to fly to when times are needed. I'm the friend in the night who shall keep thee happy and delight. I'll always fly with you wherever you go.

  2. And what might you be? A crow perhaps?

    1. No Crow caws for attention except when needed. So nope I'm not. I do have large wings and hide in dark when needed. I fly with my wide eyes bright like moons but my eyes are dark as night.

  3. Ah, indeed. I forgot. You must be the owl.