Saturday, July 14, 2012

Honour of Lyfe pt 2- Introduction to Tech

Here we are at a place where advanced technology has taken over nature, and even replaces it, causing this side of the world to be many different shades of gray, black and white. Even machines make even the food and other necessities for mortals. 
The people here do not have any kind of sinurgie, and therefore they use highly advanced weapons, matching the powers of sinurgie.  The people themselves look considerably different than the people on the other side, for their attire is generally more neon or metallic-colored.
Riki was just one of the kids in a large city by the coast.  He was a small kid, but not a little kid.  He was like any strangled teenager in his world-- picked on by the guys because he was too tiny and skinny, picked on by the girls because he was “too intelligent.”  There was nowhere to escape to, except to his flying automobile where he could soar over the city and watch the bustle of the little maggot people.  Maggots, he thought.  Idiotic maggots.  He thought of more.  Idiotic maggots that have been trapped in this jar of society and do not even know why the hell they have done this to themselves.  He waved his hand across the entire length of the city as he flew above it in his automobile.  “Look at this!” he said to himself.  “Do you think this is life?  Do you think this is where I want to be?  In this mess?”  Riki spoke to himself a lot.  Of course, how could he not, considering he had no one else to talk to?
He landed the automobile in a grassy courtyard (the first green in the city he had seen in a while).  There was no one else around.  How wonderful, he thought.  He hauled himself out of the car.  When he stood up to his full height, he caught a view of the main city square, where the public transportation was lifting off and landing, and where some military training went on. 
“Stupid,” Riki thought.  “What war is riled up now?  We only do military training a year before a war is about to occur.”  He squinted and looked around.  He spotted a figure in black standing at the edge of the square at the bottom of the hill he was standing on top of.  “Who is that?” he said.  “What person wears such clothing?”  No one in the military training session seemed to notice the person in black, which was rather curious to Riki.  Perhaps he might consider taking a closer look at the person, but on the other hand, perhaps it would be dangerous.  This person looked foreign. 
It looked like a female, and she wore a long black coat with black pants.  Her hair was short and dark.  She could have easily been mistaken as a boy from behind.  Riki did not have any long lenses with him, and therefore he could not look any closer.  “Why do they not notice her?” he said to himself.  Right then though, his attention was drawn to the military trainees that were now yelling and motioning to where the figure in black was standing.  Riki stared at them for only a few seconds before turning his attention back to the figure.  But the figure was gone.
Riki was taken aback.  He turned around to head back to his car, but as he did so the figure in black was standing beside it.  He jumped up in alarm.  No.  It could not be.
It was only a matter of minutes before the figure spoke to him.  “You are Riki Seto, I reckon?” she said, a slight smile curving across her lips.  He could only see her lips because she wore a black silver-lined mask over half her face and her hair covered her eyes.  “It is a pleasure to meet you.  I believe I met your brother somewhere.  He thinks almost the same as you.”
Riki’s eyes widened.  This figure in black—who was she?  

To be continued
-Aberswyth N.T.

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