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Honour of Lyfe pt 3- Honourable Figure in Black

We now go into the history of the figure in black.  Who is this person that is mentioned?  She was indeed mentioned in Atrius’ story on one half of the planet, and in Riki’s story on the other half of the planet even more.  Well to start, her name was Honour Smith.  She was like any person on the planet—average height, average weight, normal dark brown hair.  The thing was, she did not quite posses the powers of sinurgie on one half of the planet, nor the high, fancy technology on the other half of the planet.  Instead, she had almost super-human abilities, and used some technology with it.  Therefore that brings us to the question: where did this Honour Smith live?  It is hard to explain, for her “lair” lies in another dimension through a portal somewhere on the planet, away from all society. 
She lived alone, and to amuse herself, she watched the two halves of the planet and their individual lives as they grew and thrived.  It was a good life, besides the fact she barely knew anyone.  But recently, she had discovered another society thriving on the planet.  It was a small society, but it was interesting.  This society was on a small island somewhere near the north coast of the half of the planet where lurked the people with sinurgie.  This society did not have sinurgie or high technology.  The people simply lived.  Nothing to it, really.  The people there were special though.  The reason was because they were all beautiful. 
Honour Smith was fascinated with the beauty of these people on the island.  She called them the “Divine Island People.”  They were all beautiful on the outside, but their souls were like any person’s soul—not particularly good or evil.  Just normal souls.  They lived highly though.  Even the lower-class people had good lives, treated as equals to the higher-class people.  It was not a perfect life they lived.  There were occasional quarrels, but the people were too civilized to go as far as starting a war.  Honour wondered how these Divine Island People could live on such a small island so detached from the other large societies.
“Well, it is like wondering how the people with such high technology are able to create food without getting real food and create barely any pollution, and how the people with sinurgie have obtained such power.  The supposed chemistry of this world is off, but I reckon it cannot be helped,” Honour said to herself.  “Nothing here is logical.”
Throughout the years, ever since Honour’s parents passed away, she had observed the societies.  She wondered why they were all separated.  It seemed as though the societies did not even know about each other—or so it seemed.  She questioned: were these societies always separate, or did something happen long ago, which caused them to totally disconnect?  Did a war happen long before she was born?  Perhaps a war did happen, and so many generations passed that everybody forgot, and all documents were destroyed. 
“There must be something,” Honour murmured.  “There must be something that explains why and how these societies are so disconnected.  But if the people on each half of the planet are able to travel so easily across the sea to the other’s land, how come they do not?  They must know about each other somehow.”
Honour was pacing in her room, around and around the middle of her red, intricately designed carpet that was a portal down to the planet.  She rubbed her chin in thought.  She wondered more.
“And what about the Divine Island People?  How did they come about?  Why are they detached from the other societies?”
There were so many questions.
Honour had devoted her life to finding the answers, since she had nothing else to do otherwise.
She thought of the two boys, Riki and Atrius, whom she had met on the two different sides of the planet, who were brothers, but they did not know that yet.  They both wanted to go somewhere where they would belong, but they did not seem to know about the other half.  How curious.
You may be wondering how Honour Smith knows that these two boys are brothers.  Perhaps you would like to know?  Well, this is all that can be told: she keeps the copies of the documents of all the people on each side of the planet.  Where?  She keeps them in a bowl of clear water at the side of the room where her portal is.  She scrolls through the water, looking through profiles and profiles of people now and people back then.  One day, she had been looking through profiles when she came across these two boys—Atrius and Riki.  If these two were brothers, then who were the parents?  If the parents had been from either side of the world, then these two halves must have known each other, even if it was through only two people, supposedly lovers.  But if that was the case, where were these parents?  Was it a forbidden love, and perhaps they were killed and the children were separated? 
Honour had found the document of the two boys’ father.  His last name was the same as theirs—Doamique.  He was from the sinurgie side of the planet.  There was no other last name in the world other then that man and the two boys.  The man’s profile though, had only his name, side of the planet and picture.  Nothing else.  The mother was nowhere to be found.  Honour had tried searching for the mother by using the two boys’ facial features, but there was no woman who matched their unique looks.  Doamique, Honour thought.  Doamique.  The boys had changed their last names to their adopted families’ last names, of course.  There was no denying that, Honour knew.  She still wondered. 
She remembered the expressions on the two boys’ faces when she had spoken to them as if she knew them.  Perhaps she should not have done that.  Perhaps she should not have said to them to stop wishing to be in another place where they would “belong.”  She did not want to deprive people from their wishes.  “I do not do too well socially, do I,” she sighed, and buried her head in her arms after sitting at her fifty-meter long dining table which no one else but her used.  “Why did I do that to those boys?  I probably came in too strong.”
She pounded a fist to the table.
“Stupid me.  I bet they already know I am not from their half of the planet.  That I am foreign.  They have probably warned their families or friends of me.”
Honour was regretting all of her mistakes already.
“I will have to dress like them next time.  I cannot wear my foreign black attire.  On the other hand, how will I obtain the clothes?  I get food and water from the market down on the island where the beautiful people live, but I cannot go to a market or tailor on the two main halves.  Surely no!”  She sighed.  She groaned.  She growled in anguish.  How depressing.  She stood up and paced again.  She sat down and thought.  She stood up again and strode into the room with her portal.  She stared for a long time.
“Why am I doing this,” she whispered.  “Why am I devoting my life to this mess?  I could just join a society and have a simple life, a normal career, perhaps a normal social life…”
Honour stopped speaking to herself immediately.  She realized that she was turning into those boys, Riki and Atrius, wishing that they could be in another place as well.  She shook her head.  She stood and waited, trying to decide if she should meet with those boys gain, or if she should do nothing.  Perhaps she should go and observe the Divine Island People more.  That sounded more like a plan.
She stood in the middle of the carpet and thought deeply of where she wanted to go.  She was soon on her way to the islands.

To be continued
-Aberswyth N.T.

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