Friday, August 17, 2012

I Did Not Know Then

The graceful pelican does not know it must travel south
For the winter to come
Yet it simply does, no conscious thoughts to tell it so.
It is an instinct.
Just like how you did not know you must not lie to me
But you did anyway.
I was hurt then, for you had said you were tied to me
With a thin silver string forever
And when you told me of your other attractions
Towards other, more beautiful beings
I did not understand
And rage as thick as dragon smoke engulfed me
Blinding me in almost every way.
I did not know then
So I hurt myself, as if lying down in a thorny patch
I did not understand you then
And I feel sorry for it.
You were attracted to those beautiful flowers
But you called them poison
And now I see why you called me your water
And the others drugs
For you needed me, and I did not know
And I am sorry for it.
The silver string is still between us.
It cannot be broken.