Saturday, December 22, 2012

See beyond- the gender poems

wishing they could see beyond
this girl body, the definition of me.
but nay, the bounds are still set--
they will not see.
and we humans think we are intelligent.
when we are only like spreading bacteria,
no different.
and i walk along the street
with silent, sultry stares directed at me.
so i have taken to wearing 'boy' clothes--
whatever those are--
yet they still want the flesh
my damned female flesh that will rot away
as i get older, older, older
and who cares about my stupid soul?
when they can use this flesh
and define me by this flesh?
who cares that i like to be neither male
nor female, when they can just
define me biologically?
who cares about my choices,
my damned choices about my life?
who cares if i do not have children
or do not use my defining womb
that people think is the entire universe?
we think we are the universe
and only spread like bacteria
yet we think we are so intelligent.
so why should i be weeping in this--
this physical female body
when i could be sharing my love for the world
in my genderless soul?

no need to tell me how to act
or who to spend the time with
or what to talk about.  
you would not understand
why i do not go after women
or even men
to use them to my own pleasure.
what if i just wanted to form
a bond with them through my soul?
you would not understand
why i do not want to use my--
my easily misused masculinity.
nor would you understand
why i do not need to find myself a doll--
a woman doll.
you lived with yourself, biologically defined
pressured throughout your life
to be purely male, i get it
so do not try to change my personality
and say my instincts will 'kick in
sooner or later.'
but when they do it is not like
i am not strong or intelligent enough
to keep my true personality.   

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