Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fury of the Line, the Quake

It is I who is trapped now, pinioned
By the invisible poison that seeps
In and out, in and out
I breathe 
Shiver like the snow arrived early
Although it never existed.
You cover me like it.
For granted, we take each other
Again and again and again
And forever we run in this cycle this
Line that will not break you
Damn line break, break, break or I
Will break your soul, this whole
Scheme of yours.
I will rip this relationship apart
Smash it to pieces
For you, but no. It is what you want
You clever, clever, scheming evil you
Want to separate us
And you are doing well at it
But you-- you damn line you
Spoiled child in the candy store you will
Never rip us apart even if you take me over.
You damn impulse in the sand you
Hitting as you please
But you will not break this bridge of ours
Because we know you and we build to you
As I need to build my city to withstand your
Furious wishes to rip me apart.
I will not let you
Rip us apart.

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