Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Two Angels (not a religious tale)

The two angels, Orlandis (in a pink robe) and Vivien (in a blue robe) were very good friends, and often called each other brother and sister (even though they had no gender). They each had a trumpet in which they loved to play while flying high in the sky, through the clouds of the planet below them. Orlandis mostly loved to sing and do visual arts while his “sister” Vivien loved to write poetry and stories and play musical instruments. But both of them had a strong curiosity for other places.

One extraordinary day, the two angels were caught in a storm when they went below the clouds to explore, which the leaders of their otherworldly land told them not to do! Bewildered, the two friends were separated by lightning, thunder, wind, and rain, and both of them crashed into the planet below. Not knowing where to go, they wandered this new land, slowly getting farther and farther apart as they searched for each other.

The two angels discovered new things they never knew existed, meeting strange new people and going on perilous adventures, while hiding their wings so that no one would know where they came from.

Meanwhile in their land, the leaders sent a search party to scrutinize every known place for Orlandis and Vivien. Distraught, the leaders found no trace of them. “I’m afraid they must have gone below the clouds,” said the leader Amaris. The other leader Kalin agreed. They could only hope that the two lost angels would turn up soon.

On the angels’ search for each other, Orlandis’ wings were discovered. Worried, he ran from people who tried to capture him. Luckily, he had other friends from the planet who helped him escape, and Vivien came to the rescue as well when she heard that an angel had been discovered. When the angels met at last, they were overjoyed, and they hugged each other so tight, both of their wings glowed. The friends they had made during their adventures watched in fascination and happiness.

The angels were ready to return home. When they did return, the leaders met them at the gates along with many other angels, and were disappointed that Orlandis and Vivien had gone below the clouds, but relieved they were finally safe at home. Orlandis and Vivien told them all about their wonderful adventures, and that the planet was not a bad place. The leaders considered. “Very well,” said Kalin. “But you both must always remember to know who to trust when you are down there. I have a gift to grant, but I can only grant it to one of you. It can be a burdensome gift at times, but I know one of you can handle it. This is the gift of being able to read minds and emotions, and I give it to Vivien, since you have always protected Orlandis. To Orlandis, I give you another gift, which is the gift of a positive spirit. It will be useful for all of the dire times you will go through, and you will keep Vivien, yourself, and many others uplifted.” 

The two friends smiled to the leaders and then to each other in acceptance. The other angels of the land clapped and cheered as Orlandis and Vivien were granted the gifts in a bright shade of golden light. From then on, the two angels were allowed to go to the planet whenever they wished, as well as other angels who would be under their passive protection. People of the planet and the other angels considered them the most wonderful guardians.

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