Sunday, November 9, 2014

The War of Z and X

So I realized this funny thing just recently about the letters Z and X.

I like both of them because they are pretty badass, and have used them in names, made-up words, gender-neutral pronouns, etc. But I have always been torn about which one to use...

For instance, the name "Zxero," which comes up on this blog a lot went through the Z vs. X battle. I did not know if it should be "Xero" or plain "Zero," so I ended up using both. That was easy enough.

But recently I was torn about using Z or X for my gender-neutral pronoun. This was an even more difficult decision than the Zxero thing. I mean, it would be sort of weird using both letters, since it is a pronoun and not a name... So I ended up using Z for some practical reasons.

Oh well this is a pretty meaningless post but whatever, I just felt like writing that out.

Have a lovely day.

1 comment:

  1. It is not meaningless so don't count your idea out. Plus, I knew for the longest time that you were trying to figure out which pronoun (starting with x or z) makes more sense to you so I hope that when you wrote that post, you'll stick to what you say for I know you made the right decision :)