Monday, June 8, 2015

Update on existence or whatever



So this is a personal post I made to update to fellow internet dwellers who may happen to look at this place (which is probably no one and that's okay)

but anyways, I have a new blog theme (computer code), and by the way, apparently a virus was injected into my computer according to a random website I opened, so I got somewhat paranoid and saved (almost) everything to my hard drive. Well, my computer still works for now, but still how lame -_-' Makes me wish I was a super hacker sort of

And I changed my blog name (yet again) to Aberswyth N.T., or just Aberswyth, so enjoy

And for the genderless pronoun I decided on neither zi nor xi. Now it is "zei/zeir/zem/zeirs/zemself" because it has a "they" root and if it mashes up against a word that ends in s or z, it won't just end up sounding like he or she. so there you go

also I skimmed my entire blog just now. It was straaaange

finally, I am writing a novel. this is a success for me. I never used to stick with novels, but this one has been with me a long time now. probably the longest out of any of them. Hopefully it will remain like that~

aight thanks and

next post will be a short story. hopefully soon. have an old ink for now

~Aberswyth out

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