The name's Aberswyth. I'm genderless/androgynous, so when addressing me, use the pronouns zei/zem/zeir/zeirs/zemself, or they/them/their/theirs/themself if that's easier (though they're basically the same thing). I enjoy drawing, writing, music, dance, photography, reading, anime/TV shows, manga, hiking in forests, traveling to other countries (but not the plane rides), city views at night, spending hours imagining scenes in my brain. And of course, strange angelic beings~

Disclaimer: I've had this blog since I was in middle school so there may some rough writings or inconsistencies in style.

 really? oh my

Oh well. It's all good.

Some things I've been doing lately: I've been focused on my novel more--not only writing it, but also drawing for it (posters and laminated chibis), making music for it, building my characters, etc. I've got a long way to go. But that's okay. I'll make sure it's worth it even if it doesn't end up getting published. Not all novels have to be published for the writers to be happy, right?

Lastly, here is my Tumblr blog with (other) random things that mostly aren't mine. Enjoy: THEY IMAGINE US

A couple quotes:

"Just because I barely speak doesn't mean I don't think."

"We can imagine other realities, but wouldn't you think other realities can imagine US?"

~Aberswyth out