Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Random Adventure of Zetilla

Idea made by StarryWhite

As Zetilla walked in the narrow woods,with only a small knife in her hand, she walked cautiously on. She looked around her, still dazed after she left her home to fillful her destiny as being the warrior that her mother never had told her about. Plus, she was a princess warrior, which was more vauleable than any warrior. She looked at the moonlight, wondering how the Great Mother was going to lead her to her destiny. She never had any training with any kind of weapon, so it was going to be diffcult. she realized that something was following her, she heard a crackle of leaves. She froze with fear, afraid to look behind.

She then started to run. She was very light on her feet like if she was floating in air, yet she would rush into the bushes, trying to loose the trail. Then, she felt pain in her leg, but kept going on. As she ran, she saw a small cabin in the distance. She ran faster to the cabin, hoping that someone would be inside and help her. As she was running, she reached for the handle of the door. As she got closer, she heard more crackling of more leaves as she reached, feeling for the handle. She finally had the handle in her grasp. She tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge. She then heard the footsteps in the leaves again. It walked slowly towards her. She first banged on the door. There was no response, yet heard a grunt inside the house. Without thinking, with fear in her mind swelling, she turned and ran behind the house. She held her knife out towarded any kind of sounds she heard. A chirp of a bird, to the wind that rustled through the trees, the crackling of the leaves, ect. As she listened silently, she heard the crackling of the leaves come closer. And closer. And closer. She heard a rattling of keys and a hoarse cough. She heard the door creak open.

"You can come in if you like. I won't harm you." a deep voice croaked. Zetilla didn't budge. Even though she had no training to live on her own, her mother always told her to never be in contact with any strangers.

"Oh well. Suit yourself. By the way, Michael get some firewood. It's around back." the deep voice ordered. She again heard the slam of the door and some squeaking of boots. As she listened, she tried to get close to the house as possible. She needed to be hidden and not to get involved with these strangers.

"I need to fulfill my destiny even though I don't know how."she thought.

Before she was able to run again, she realized that her leg was bleeding and it was a deep wound too. She sat behind the house, checking to see if it got infected. She could tell it wasn't, but it was painful too. She couldn't help but let out a little sound of pain. She then heard the squeaking again and came closer to her. She saw a a young man covered in ragged clothing filled with patches. He was carrying firewood in his hands.
"You need some help?" he asked surprised.

"I probably do need some help." she thought, but actually said "No thank you, um,um. What is your name?"

"Michael T. LuckRott at your service." he said bowing.

"LuckRott? That's an unusual last name."

" Yeah, my dad wanted to give me a last name that's not common."

She nodded at him smiling slightly, then cried in pain because of her wound.

"Here let me help you." he said putting down his wood. He came closer to her, put his arms underneath her, and tried to carry her, but she pushed him away.

"I don't need any help."she said persently "I can walk on my own."

She started to push herself up and tried to use the wall and finally got up. She also put one hand on the wall to help her walk. Michael kept on asking to help her in anyway, but she said it was fine.

"Can you at least stay at our house for the night? To check on your wound?" he asked politely.

"Fine."she said, giving in and limped behind Micheal, leading her inside the house.

"What did I get myself into." She thought.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Beginning of Hermione's Adventures...


Hermione [aka Interviewer Bob] was a living-breathing action figure replica of "Hermione Granger" from the Harry Potter series. She wasn't anything like "Hermione Granger," though. Her name was Hermione Kirkamm, a traveler of the seven seas.
Hermione (Bob) was traveling from her home in search of adventure. She happened to escape the wrath of her "owner" Raven Van Bueren. It took about three tries to escape, but she did it. Well, actually, Raven lost her TWICE in the ocean, so that's how she escaped.
Now Hermione found a stange pendant in the
ocean. It was known as the "Kabuniverse Pendant." It was supposed to do absolutely EVERYTHING possibly imagined and even beyond. But Hermione didn't know that. She just used it to travel around the other dimension (also known as Scrub-Jhay and Starrywhite's BLOG).
She will be traveling throughout all of my stories representing the theme of each month. (And who am I? I am Zxero Nothing, a MIX of both Starrywhite and Scrub-Jhay!) You see, each month has a certain theme, and there are different short stories for each theme, so Hermione will be traveling throughout these stories.
And today is RANDOM STORY MONTH! So there will definitely be some adventure for Hermione. THANK THE NOTHING FOR ADVENTURE!


It's random story month! This month will be all about random stories Starrywhite and Scrub-Jhay come up with at RANDOM TIMES. Be welcome to comment...

The Random Encounter By Interviewer Bob

Did anything strange happen to you, Starrywhite?

Well, actually yes.

What happened?

Today, Scrub-Jhay and I were on the bus, going to Scrub's house. In front of us were these people and one of them was holding a mop. (Note:The mop had a yellow pole, same color as the yellow pole on the bus.) As I was staring at the mop, I kinda felt mezmerized, yet at the same time, I felt a bad feeling in my stomach. Soon, that bad feeling was right because as we were about to get off the bus, I accidently grabbed the mop instead of the pole as the bus was slowing down. I almost lost my grip on it, but at least the person was holding strong on the mop. If that person didn't, I probably would had accidently took it with me!

Oh, interesting. How did Scrub-Jhay react to this predicament?

Predicament? Predicament! Scrub was laughing her feathery butt off, thats what! She thought it was more like a joke than an accident! She was hysterical! I was blushing red or at least I think. I was dying of embarrassment!

Oh, how sorry for you. Is Scrub-Jhay a bird?


Okay... Got anything else to say before we end our conversation?

Yes, never trust mops.

Things You Need to Know...

These are things you need to know about this blog.

First of all, these are Starrywhite, and Scrub-jhay (both aka Zxero)'s RANDOM IDEAS. Beware... With the help of other friends and maybe even some random people, these two can make imagination come to life almost real. BEWARE........

Anyways, Starrywhite and Scrub-jhay hope people enjoy these ideas they make and people will someday take them to heart, as if it was connected to real life.

But what is REAL LIFE? Who knows... it's one of those "philosophies" with no true answer.