Sunday, September 3, 2017

You're my hero(ish)

True, you haven't ever saved me
let alone given me much
And maybe you didn't even realize you had much to give
You've just been tossing and turning the nights
off your muddled conscience
trying to put a damper on your own villains
But that's really just it--
And your villains
dave drawn me out from my slumber in
The endless abyss
where I've been drifting and thinking:
Nothing I do has a point
Nothing I do helps anyone...
But then you appeared, scar-bound and hurting
and delving into your passions--
A convenient veil--
and eating away one day and the next
Now I can rise again knowing
that I can fight, too
and bring myself to the point where I can
feel limitless and
draw out my passions again and maybe...
Help raise you up in return