Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nighttime Stole the Stars

Nighttime Stole the Stars is a book about the "Kabuniverse Nothing" in the form of three feirie cousins called Echosong, Soulraye and Stardust. The Kabuniverse Nothing also took form as a warrior called Zx, though his feirie name is Joel Warren. Two of the cousins, Echo and Stardust go through emotion problems.

Feiries weren't supposed to be emotional like the humans... Ever since the emotion divas escaped their diva forms, they caused humans to become less emotional and feiries to be more emotional, causing problems for everything.

Zx goes on an adventure to find the ruler of the emotion divas-- the goddess of destruction and emotion. He must "kill" her in order to put the emotion divas back in their diva forms and make things back to normal. Meanwhile, the cousins deal with the emotions. With the help of four little wind divas, and a squirjum, they conquer their problems together.

This story has nothing to do with good verses evil.......

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"feiries." MY way of spelling faeries!

As you just might happen to realize, fairies or faeries to you may be just little people with wings that live in the "real world" and keep hidden. To ME, they do not live in the real world, but live in the other dimension of reality which is made up of every thing's separate imagination, or world.

To me, feiries are made up of "life" itself. Feiries take form of winged people (they don't have to have wings) and are made of a whole soul within itself, meaning there's only a soul under their skin. This soul is made up of the "life" the feirie represents. They don't have internal organs and bones if you were wondering. If a feirie gets cut, there would be golden blood. The golden blood is a piece of their soul in the form of a liquid.

When a fierie lives, their souls lie within their feirie forms. In the other dimension of reality, they can control the courses of "life" they are made of. In the real world, though, that is here, they don't control any of the life. In fact, they have NOTHING to do with the real world. They are a figment of imagination-- just like everything else.

Feiries "reproduce" by a male and a female putting the birth spell into a tree of life. The babe will grow in there for two human years. If there isn't a tree of life, the babe just grows in an orb.

When a feirie dies, their soul turns back into whatever its made of, while the feirie "form" or the skin of their soul turns into a spirit called a "feiroe" god. Feiries do die. They have a lifespan of about 100 feirie years OR MORE. 1 feirie year eqalls 7 human years.

There are only 3 ways a feirie can die: they die naturally of old age, they are attacked by the power of blacklight, or all the "life" their soul represents dissapears. Feiries do have a lifespan.

A feirie is a part of life (of course, in the other dimension of reality), yet, they are made up of life itself. They are like the gods of the everythingness.