Monday, August 30, 2010

Stardust in the forest

As the wind hushed the small territory named Melenies in the land called Maraysia, a small, young feirie couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned in her leaf-shaped bed, took off her petal covers and stood up on her bed. She looked at her room; with dark brown, walnut walls that were decorated with the colorful pictures of her with her cousins, Zolraye and Echosong; times she came to visit Nicholas's and his sister Mayrie's house, and the memories she had when she was young.
She couldn't sleep for some strange reason. It was late in the night and she just stared sleepily at the walls. As she stared, she tried to force her legs to move, but didn't budge. Just then, the moon came into the room; flooding the walls of her bedroom. Somehow, the light gave her strenght to move and she went out of the door; letting her mind lead her off.

She closed the door as silently as she could and walked the hall; dragging her feet towards the stairs. She heard a snore all over the house as she tumbled down the stairs. She knew it had to be Nicholas, Mayrie, Zolraye, Echosong, or Echosong's partner, but she didn't care at the moment. The reason they were all here at her house because she had a night party to celebrate Northern Lights Celebration Day.

Nobody celebrated it in Melenies except for Stardust. It was one of her favorite holidays. The Northern Lights Celebration Day is when the stars are mostly active and they shine so brightly and so purely that it can give you messages when its the right time. Even though she never ever got a message from a star, she just loved to see the stars glow. She told her frend, Nicholas about it and Nicholas said that they should have a party. So, she invited her friends and cousins and thats what happened.

For some strange reason, she didn't lay in her bed before she fell asleep. She remembered being out in the fields of grass in the forest before she passed out. She guessed that they brought her home and slept over. She wanted to go back into her nice bed, but her mind kept her going.

She went out the door and dazed blankly at the night sky. She saw the stars still lit very brightly, but the glow got dull. The air that was smelling of pine, filled her nose and walked toward the scent. As she followed the scent, she soon found herself back at the forest. She went in, without any hesitation. Her mind led her to the deep part in the forest. The deep part has the most space and a lake in the center. She strided towards the lake, looking at the surface of the water as she saw the sky becoming brighter than ever...

To be continued...

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Land of Hope Equals A River of Friendship

Those who are young

Listen well to me

About a land called Hope

Who you shall see

And truely believe

Where its mountians stands tall

Againist the hard strong wind,

And the dirt is watered

With courage every day,

But the thing thats stands out most of all

Is the river of Friendship

It carries love and happiness,

Down to the vallies,

Where all the faeries dance.

And where the villagers drink

The good holy water

So they can relax

In peace with the nature around them.

But what the river really brings

Everyone on the land

And everything living

Filled with spirit

And hope as well.

In general,

It brings everyone togethor!