Saturday, January 29, 2011

The World is in your Hand

As I sit in the land of trees,

I stare silently as I watch,

The childern,

The spirits,

They play happily.

However I don't smile,

Nor even frown.

I just watch with interest.

I see them playing with a ball in their hands,

Passing it back and forth to each other,

I stand and come forth to them.

I hold my heart in my hands.

Be free!

Nature surrounds you.

Jaded by everything

We should be not.

For we hold the world in our hand.

--A poem started by Starrywhite and finished by Zol

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Power of Imagining

"Imagination is the most powerful kind of magic."

Monday, January 24, 2011


Thank you so

I'm much obliged

But it's time for me to wander.

Keep your soul to yourself

I mean well

And give me none to ponder.

I am happy I was here

But you're better off without me.

So now good-bye to you my friends 

And I hope you will be happy.

I know you were good friends to me

But now I must disperse 

And I say that it was wonderful to be with you

For the time we would converse.

There's no need to think of me

I will be there in the corner.

That corner in your hearts 

Where you'll know

But won't remember.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magic World- While being Captured

As the poison drugs Allie for the next couple of days, she gets placed in a cell. Forrick and Turri try to keep her alive by feeding her gruel, give her daily check ups, and little by little, get the poison out of her body. They do this so the poison won't affect her organs or nervous system, but only make her unconscious. Even though they both enjoy to do this, Forrick sometimes has troubling feelings when he tries to torture Allie. He thinks that when Allie is not putting up a fight is not fun. Plus, he lately has nightmares about her walking around the place even though she's still poisoned and keeps calling out to him. His worst nightmare is seeing Allie being tortured 'till she wasn't living anymore and turns into dust. It scares him so much that he even checks on her the next day to see her. He decides that moment and with the help of the haunting dreams to do something thats against the master's rules: helping the enemy.

When his partner was asleep, he sneaks to Allie's cell with a small bottle of green liquid. He opens the door very quietly even though the drug always made her not able to wake up. He looks at Allie's face and feels his skin crawl. He distracts himself by opening the bottle and swishing the green liquid in the container. He pours the liquid in his hand and sees it ooze between his fingers and it also drips off his finger tips. He then parts Allie's mouth and pours it in there. He then also takes the rest into his mouth. It didn't taste much, but as soon it reaches his lips, he feels a powerful energy swirl around in his stomach. He clutches it like if the wound is trying to reopen. In his closed eyes, he sees a bright image that seems to be distant. He thought about trying to reach it, but it then glows a deep red mixed with green. He forces his eyes to open and sees it in-front of him, but it changes to a young girl that is green and has green goop dripping all over her. Her red wings also shines beautifully with patterns of swirls that move. It seem to make him relax. However, he still backs away a little bit, feeling uneasy.

"Are you the one who used me to help this Half-Being live?"She asks, her voice sounds nice and slow.

"Um, well kinda..."He stammers as a response.

"No, you did!"She answers harshly now "You can't lie to Numria, the spirit of Allie."

"Well, then why did you ask?" He asks, confused.

"You can't ask me anything you killer!" She hisses and her wings start changing to fire blazing red. She starts to fly up in the air and she makes her nails even longer, like if she unshealfs her claws like a cat. She strikes Forrick in the chest, but misses by inches as he jumps out of the way. He dodges her as she tries to slash him, but she soon finally gets him in the back. Surprisingly, he didn't feel pain or his blood didn't pour out, but he did feel his soul ache in agony. He feels a strong energy coming out of him, which made him yell from the pain. He hears a roar and flapping of wings. He turns around and sees a young man thats red with a yellow mane and fierce claws. His yellow wings flaps with such force that the wind created would knock you over. The young man stares at the green spirit with a gleam in her eyes now. He showing his teeth and starts to roars again.

"You shall not hurt him, Numria. He just had a misunderstanding." The young man says.

"With what? That my person is poisoned and she can die at any moment! Yeah, that is a misunderstand all right!" She yells.

"So, are you a spirit too? A spirit of me?" Forrick asks to the young man.

"Yes." He answers not looking at Forrick, "But lets talk about this later. I need to show this spirit that you can't be messed with."

The young man makes the first move and pounces on the other spirit. They try to scratch each other and constantly try to get the other spirit to let their guard down. Soon the young man ends the fight by biting Numria on the neck. She calms down and her wings become a dull crimson. She stares at the young man and says, "Okay. I understand now. Im sorry."

The young man lets her go gently and bows to Numria, "I'm sorry too. I shouldn't bite a beautiful nymph's neck like that."

"Ugh, you don't listen" She snaps,"I'm half phinex, half water nymph."

What, water nymph? What is that...Never mind, you won't answer me anyways." Forrick comments to himself.

"Oh, good. You are listening!," Numria praises to Forrick, "But, let me just ask you something. Why did you help her even though she is the enemy?"

"Well-um-You see..."He starts, "I- I was bored. Yeah thats it. You know I want her to live so I can play with her."

The young boy and Numria both roll their eyes at him.

"Sure." She agrees scarcastically, "Well, I need to wake her now so you can 'play'. See you in the nearest future."

"Wait, please!" He suddenly says, "I'm just wondering, do all humans have spirits?"

Numria stares at him confused and shakes her head. "No, they don't and she is not a human. I thought you all ready knew this."

"What is she then? Please ask me this last question."

"She is like you." the young man answers, "A different human who has powers and a vulnerable spirit, but hers is somehow stronger."

"I told you before she is a Half-Being." She adds.

"What is A Half-Being?" Forrick asks.

"Sorry, but you all ready said your last question and I can't answer anymore. She needs me. Anyways, it seems to be dumb to ask me that when you are one yourself."

"But I will tell you anyways." Answers Forrick's spirit, "A Half-Being is a different human like yourself mixed with another speices such as the regular humans. So she is not a whole of a different human nor a regular human. So thats why she is called a Half-Being. Also, since she is a Half-Being, she gets both properties of both species. Usually, when this happens, the person would get one benefital property from one species and one bad property from the other, but she somehow got both of benefital properties from both species. So, I don't know how it happened."

Forrick stares at Allie and nods. He wonders if this makes her speical to the master. Forrick becomes speechless after what he says, confused on what to say next. Numria takes this as an account that the conversation is over. She waves good-bye to Forrick and her wings start to glow. As she starts to flap her wings, droplets of glowing water goes all over the walls, but it splashes espically on Allie. It also goes on Forrick's face and feels warm, yet delicate on his skin. She dives into the water that covers Allie and dissappears from view. The light glows inside Allie's body and dims away in a few moments.

The young man looks up and he starts to glow as well. He turns into small pieces and swirls around Forrick and he goes in through his back. He also hears a slight go He good-bye from his spirit and feels having energy coming back to him again. He suddenly hears a murmer from her lips and he goes right to her side. He still waits to see her brown eyes open up to him as he breaths deeply to himself. He gets closer to her, feeling her breath against his face.

Suddenly, he hears the door for Allie's room open. His mind starts to panic as he stares at Allie. He sees Turri at the doorway. Turri has a confused expression on his face, but Forrick stands still.

"Oh no! I need to get away since I'm all ready a traitor to the master." He says to himself.

He made a portal above his head and takes Allie's hand as they dissappear from the cell. Turri tries to follow, but it closes on him. He feels her grip getting tighter as they travel in the portal. He looks down and sees Allie staring in confusion yet with fierceness. He thought it's weird that she isn't sleepy from her recovery.

"What are you doing? Where are you taking me?" She demanded.

He turns away from Allie and answers, "Someplace where we will be safe."

When he says this, the portal reopens and they fall from the sky to a forest in midday. Flower petals scatter all over the forest that float gently in the breeze. He sees a lake that they were about to fall in. He hugs tight to Allie and his hands start to glow. He screams with rage and his energy grows and expand to a sphere of green surrounds them in a instant. The sphere still continues to fall into the lake with a big splash that disturbs the silence that the forest had before.

To be continued...

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Simple Story Poems

Too Tired to Think About "Life"
The factor we hold in our minds
The question that wields no answer.
There's a soul in our heart we must follow
It guides us through our days.
We are thankful for life
And think it is the general things in life that are most powerful.
The usual stuff we think about and compete about...
Let's just say...
I need to take a nap right now.

Snowy Things
There is snow
In my shoe
And it is killing my feet.
I think
It is about time
to take out
The shoe brush.
But I can't clean the inside of my shoe efficiently
With a shoe brush.
So I guess I'll just have wet feet
For the rest of the day.

Thinking Too Much
It's a little bit funny
These feelings I have
And I try to ignore them
But I can't because...
I don't really know.
Stupid philosophy!
It's taking over my mind...
Nothing is everything and everything is nothing.
Life is a part of it.
Everything and nothing is how we perceive it.
Oh, how I can't think and
I don't want to think.
But what--
What do I hear?
Another voice in my head making me think complicated.

Wretched Poem
Oh, wretched Mr. Poem.
How deep he is!
You may not have liked these poems.
But they say about the simple things
Which I find more amusing
And even more inspiring.
And so to end Mr. Poem
I end with talking about a dragon
Who eats too much
And he eats poor Mr. Poem
And the dragon
Lives happily ever after...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Magic Story

In a small town, there strolls a young girl who wears a hood. She looks down on the ground, scanning where she places her steps for the past few months. She's on the run and has been for a while now. Even though, she still has faith in finding a way to save herself, her friends, and avenge the death of her mother. She yawns a couple of times, but keeps going on ward, not thinking about resting for a minute. Everyone is asleep as she watches around herself. She looks at the moon, which is full and bright. It dimly showers the light on the town. She feels calm and her ears are standing by for anything unusual to happen. She knows it deep in her guts.

She hears the wind blowing around her. She stops as she holds her breath as scans around herself and feels the wind stop in-front of her. She backs away with fear in her mind as her hood is suddenly falls off her. Her golden hair starts to glow as she shuts her eyes. She sees the city as dark blobs; almost like a silhouette in her mind. As she looks in caution, in-front of her, she sees a boy wearing a blue cloak. She realizes it's where the wind has stopped a moment ago.

"Darn, it's him." She says in her mind.

The boy takes his sword out thats kept in a red and golden hilt. It makes his eyes glow the minute he grips it steadily in his brown gloves. He then stares at her as he starts to slash at the girl, but she jumpes high onto a nearby building. She almost loses her balance, but still holds her head high and glares at the warrior. He grins and chuckles a little to himself. He then stops and his michevious evil grin dissappears and he looks at her seriously.

"Please, come with me, child. You shall see things that all heros wish to see. A world filled with peace and everyone hand in hand for good." His voice said in her mind.

"I would join if your purposes were for my good, but not yours." She answers back in her mind,"But you intend to kill innocient people so they can become apart of your undead army. First of all, its cruel and inhuman to do these things. Second, you did some things that I can never forgive you. My answer is still the same from the last time you asked me and it's no. To make me come and join, you need to kill me first!"

She then opens her eyes and the anger is seathing in her stare. Her hair glows brighter then ever as it starts spinning around herself and she heads spirling toward the boy. She hits him in the stomach and flew to the other side of the town. He becomes visible in the dim moonlight; in clear view as he lays on the floor. The blue cloak changes to dark brown and his eyes shimmers to bright orange. The hood of the cloak falls off as he stands up, with his sword in-front. His brown hair waves in the settle breeze and he gently put his sword on the ground. His eyes look at her passionately that glitters from the moonlight.

"Come on, darling. We need you alive anyway, so I can't kill you. Besides, you know it's not in my nature to murder a beautiful maiden like yourself." He said in her mind, which echos annoyingly in her head.

"Like I would believe that since you killed my mother and you called her beautiful!" She spits back at him, "If you think that I'm stupid to believe that after you also captured my best friends, sent me running because of your goons, and left me with no family; you must have no brain. I can't believe you still think that I will join! You're-you're- A DUM-BUTT!" she answers back.

The boy then gets startled by her words and steps back a bit. He gasps at her and feels air leaking out of his lungs. She then sprints and lunges at him with her hair forming into a sword. She swings at his legs as she screams "I hate you!". He dodges at the last moment over her head and holds her neck and back. She feels something pointy and sharp at her back. She freezes herself and holds herself up like if she's being yelled at by her mother to stand up straight. She knew it's a dagger that has poison in it considering that it stings her when it first touched her.

"Now," He finally speaks in a aggravated, yet heart-broken voice, " Put your hair down or-I-I"

He pauses, takes a couple of breaths and grips at her tigher. He yells, "Or I will show you my evil side!"

She turns her head at that moment. She sees the rage firing up in his eyes, showing he means it. She gasps at how stern he is towards her; never hearing him yell at her like this before. She closes her eyes and feels the energy release out of her hair. It stops glowing and falls gently to the side. She feels the anger of the young boy stirring the air around her. She takes a breath and tries to stay calm, but it's hard when she felt the anger seep into her body. She starts to brain storm a way out, but it gets inturrepted by the boy's poisoned dagger; feeling it slowly go in her back.

"Good." He booms in her ear, "Now, you shall come with me or I will go against my master's wishes for you to be alive. Got it, madam?"

Then a idea comes into her mind and she puts her head down; smiling micheviously to herself.

"Please, Forrik. You don't have to make me do this." she said pitifully.

"Do what?" he asked, confused.

"This." she says.

Her hair then wraps around his legs and she twirls him across the ground. She did this for a few times and finally lets go, to only see him slide on the dirt floor. He gets up, with his dagger accidently cutting his left arm. He then goes to his arm and it starts to bleed green blood. The girl gets confused and stares with a shocked look on her face.

"You bleed green blood?" she exclaims.

He grunts at her and laughs a little in pity.

"Wow, so thats a fail for you my angel." He answers rudely," It's a wierd assumption to think that after what we had been through you didn't even notice that. By the way, if you're wondering that I'm a human or something, forget that dumb-old theory and you will never know who I am truely."

He then giggles to himself and his hands starts to glow, making a portal and says back, "I shall see you again and next time, I will take you with no mercy. Good-bye for now, Allie."

He grunts from the pain in his arm and goes through the portal. He's gone from view in a matter of seconds.

Allie didn't this time look to see him leave, but she chases him into the portal. She falls into utter blackness with small platfroms that float in the unknown. She luckily lands on one of the platforms and realizes that they are floating ruins in the blackness. The brown buildings are covered in moss and has flowers growing on them. She sees that they are black inside them as she looks inside the windows. Her golden hair glows in the blackness and feels tingles down her spine. She understands greatly how unsafe the strange demintiton is. She then closes her eyes to see the unknown thats beyond her senses. She sees that the floating ruins are connecting to each other on a slim piece of platform. She observes at them and starts to walk on one thats in-front of her, but it crumbles to dust before her the feet the minute she touches it.

"They must fly place to place so they have no need for the hidden platforms."She thinks to herself.

She looks at the top of the buildings and jumps to the top of the platform. She jumps to the highest point of each floating ruin. She listens carefully as she jumps on each ruin. She then stops and sees a large floating building. It seem to look like an old temple and it had torches lit all over it. It's carvings that surrounds the borders of the temple are faded and covered in moss as the other ruins are. She sees in the distance Forrick laying in-front of the temple, grunting in pain very faintly.

"Please, master." He says to the temple, "Can you help me heal so I can still fight for you? So I can still help to get the girl and make our souls less vulnerable to injuries."

There is a silence for a moment that Forrick takes as a sign of his life ending, but a person then appears through a portal and goes to his side. It's another man, but seem to be older then Forrick. He also has a hood that covers his face and the blue cloak with green gems covers his whole body. As he kneels beside him, he takes his hood off. His blue eyes glows blankly as he sees the young boy take short breaths. He puts his hand out over Forrick's body and goes back and forth across his chest, to his legs and to his head. As the other person did this, Forrick's body begins to change. His hair starts to grow longer, becoming green with blue streaks in it that goes to his shoulders and his face starts to become even more thin then it's before. Even his clothes spilts apart; becoming a shirt and pants instead of a cloak. It's soaked in the green blood that appears to also be across his stomach.

"Oh, Forrick." Says the other person in a dissappointed voice, "You injure yourself so many times and yet the master didn't call quits on you. Are you sure you don't want any help with your mission? You know how impatient he is getting."

Forrick then slowly pushes himself up, but falls to the ground with a big thud and says through gritted teeth, "I don't need help from a low-ranking knave like yourself! Why you-" he then grabs his left arm and commands, "Just help me with the wounds, now!"

The person nods to him. He holds his hands above Forrick and chants in a deep voice in a whisper. Forrick's body starts to glow and is raised above the helper's head. His wounds drip green blood all over the floor below as it shrinks slowly, but as each moment passes, the healer starts to grumble louder, which seems to make Forrick grunt louder.

Soon, Forrick screams on top of his lungs as the wounds are almost healed, which makes an echo in the unknown world. When the wounds are healed, Forrick looks upward in shock and a white whisp comes out of his mouth, which makes his healer gag. The white wisp floats above and spreads across the dark, looming place and shines brightly. It does this for a few moments and shrinks back. It goes inside Forrick's mouth and he takes a deep breath like he awakens from death. He shivers as the whisp goes inside his body, feeling it try to settle. As it did this, his ears glow and become two crescent shapes. He lands softly to the ground, now in standing postion with pain shining in his eyes.

"Heh, you lost another life, which will make you weaker to death and we will all know because of your new grown ears." the healer smirks, " If only you had the girl, the power in her hair can save you from this death that will be dreading nearer and nearer to you. Anyways, do you still wish for my assitance, Forrick?" The knave asks again.

Forrick breaths deeply and turns to the healer. He stares at him with hatred, but answers, "Fine, but don't get in my way. Got it, Turri?"

"Oh, don't worry. The master actually sent me to help you along with one more person."

"What? Does he trust me at all?"

"Oh, he does," Turri answers, reassuring, "But he is losing faith in you, thinking that you should die."

"Oh, shut it! I don't need to hear it from a low-life like yourself. While I have to be in high power, Master sends me to find a stupid girl with hair that shines like a glow-stick! Seriously, I don't deserve to do this!"

He then crosses his legs anf floats in mid-air and turns away from the person who saved his life.

"I need to prove the master that I need to be in high power and not in a stupid situation like this!"

"You don't know that, Forrick," Turri protests, "He really needs you to help us with a plan that can make our race rise again over the humans."

"I already know the plan! It's not like it changed-"

"It did in a matter of fact." He inturrepts.

"So, why didn't you tell me in the first place?!"

"Oh, well since you got hurt, I had to fix that bloody mess you were."

"Enough with that! Tell me Turri or you shall have a 'bloody mess' like I did."

"Okay. Okay. Here's the deal..." he said.

But he didn't finish as he hears a rush of wind. He looks into the distance; directly at Allie. She didn't notice for she is in a daze. The poison from the dagger now is affecting her mind and is affecting her body. She feels weak and can't move. She tries to get up, but her legs feels like falling under herself. She feels her head tipping and she accidently falls off the building. Turri then flies off and finds Allie's body lying on the floor.

To be continued...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Return

Imagine that you have the body of a dragon, and you are flying above the clouds as the sun sets behind them.  You are looking for the others as you glide and enjoy the cool breeze upon you.  Suddenly, you see another dragon, but it is not who you expected.  You see that it is the great Ren, the ruler of the dragons.  Flying behind her, there are hundreds of dragons.  Some dragons you have already known, but the others are the dragons who have returned to their planet after decades.
The Dragons have returned!