Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Frauds of Mischief

Welcome, fellow folks
To the land of Mischief
Where the moon, the sun, and the star
Come to sing, and dance, and drink.
Where the little cats stand on two legs
As they play a happy melody.
Where the gods come to dine 
And sing songs along with the animals.

This lively land
Is the home of the frauds
The people who are daring
Who are mischievous
Who care about living life to the fullest.
Though they are not the largest of people
Their hearts are full
And their lives are long.
But something tragic happened
Not so long ago
The frauds began to disappear one by one
And life became lonely in the land of Mischief.
The moon, the star, the sun
And no one was there to have fun.

But I predict that the fraud's lively spirits
Will guide them to fortune.
For nothing can stop happiness
In their land.
They are mischievous
And never seem to fade
Even in the darkest of times.

So, welcome fellow frauds
To the land of mischief
Where the darkness spreads
Over the land.
Where the cats still stand on two legs
As they play a happy melody.
Where the gods still come to dine
And where the frauds simply live their lives.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sooted Star- Chapter 1

 Through the air I smell
Through the breeze I feel
There is change.
I feel it in the soil
And see it in the flames.
There’s a darkness that grows in my mind
And the trees wither.
Free was the one who wandered
But now is trapped.
The forests
But now forgotten.
Through my mind’s eye I have seen
The ocean.
How beautiful it was
But now this nature has been undone
By time.

Upon a silver boat stood three guardians who each wore red cloaks.  The three of them were the guardians of the Sooted Star realm.  One of the women wore a green and purple bird mask that covered her entire face.  Her hair was gold, and streamed out for what seemed like a mile.  The second woman wore the facemask of forever.  Whenever she took off a mask, there was always a different mask under it, and the masks never ended.  Her hair was short and made up of many different colors.  The third woman had no mask.  In fact, she had no face.  She was blank, and her hair was silver like the stars.
          "Mother Earth, the sea is rough today," said the woman in the bird mask.  "What do you say the gods are trying to tell us?"
"Aye, Mother Star.  Today Blaze senses something.  I say that we go and see, and watch from afar, the wonder that we don't know, and we will learn to become ever wiser," Mother Earth called over the boom of the ocean waves.  The woman with no face stared ahead and listened to her sisters' conversation.  "What do you say, dear Mother Moon?" Mother Star asked calmly.  Mother Moon stared blankly and nodded.  Then, she spoke in the most echoing tone anyone could ever hear.  "I agree," she said.  “I say we go and find out what the sea god has to say."
            The three guardian women shuffled around the boat and turned it around until it faced four islands.  One of the islands was covered with forest, and a small golden tower stood at the top of a cliff.  The second island was flatter than the others.  It was mostly rocky and hilly with some forest.  In the middle, there was a small inactive volcano that had a tower built into it.  The third island had city covering most of it.  Another tower was in the middle, surrounded by dunes and a few trees.  The fourth island was darker, and a tall, dark tower was leaning upon a mountain.  There was city on the edge of the island, and the forest was more inland.  The islands were the four islands of the Sooted Star realm, surrounded by the ocean.  Grass covered the bottom of the ocean, and the little fish swam amongst the plant life.
            The three guardians stared out towards the islands as the wind blew madly about.  The sea god was disturbed.  In fact, the women could see that all of the gods were disturbed.  “Let us hope the three goddesses are with us,” Mother Earth said.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Reverie Spicket

I am Reverie Spicket, here to inform you about a strange happening here on Peach Island.  Today, I was walking along the shoreline, quite content when suddenly, a genetically mutated monkey wearing a tiger costume jumped out from the trees.  I was so shocked, I almost fell into the water.  I wanted to run.  Unfortunately for me, though, I was spoken to by the monkey who said, "Help me please!  I've been stuck on this island for years, and no one ever comes to help me."
     I was quite galvanized by the fact that this ebullient monkey dressed in a tiger suit was actually talking to me.  So then I answered him.  "Oh, then that explains why there's always a bonfire out here on this deserted island.  I thought people camped here."
"No, no!" said the monkey.  "People think this island is cursed.  They never go here.  They probably think you're crazy, going on this island.  They'll probably slaughter you when you get home, thinking you are a witch or something."
I didn't quite recall ever hearing such a thing about this island.  I thought it was an island like any other.  Maybe this was an island like any other, and the monkey was just being a trickster.  "Oh, well.  That makes more adventure for me.  How did you get stuck on this island?  I would think it's quite easy to get off," said I.
The monkey tilted his head and posed in a fanciful stance.  "Well," he started.  "First of all, though I may be a genetically mutated monkey, I still can't swim, and I still can't figure out how to build a raft."
"Well, sad for you," said I, towering above the monkey.  "So you can talk, yet you can't think?"
"Correct," the monkey said sadly.
"Not quite logical in my society," said I, taking out a pen and a notepad, beginning to write about the monkey.
     Then the strangest thing happened.  As I stood there and wrote my little notes, a strange noise ripped through the air.  It sounded between a jet plane or an old gas car breaking down.  Or could it have sounded more like a watery rumble of engines?  I could not tell, but the sound continued for quite a while until I finally looked down at the monkey.  The minute I glanced at him, the sound almost immediately stopped.  I tilted my head.  That was certainly strange.  I looked back down to my notebook and the sound uttered again.  Finally, I had looked up and said to the monkey, "Oh, will you stop that!"
"Sorry, ma'am, but another side effect of this genetic mutation is that I have a farting disorder," said he.  "I must say, it goes on for quite a while.  You might want to get off the island before it spreads."
"No wonder this island is cursed!" said I.  "Well,  I cannot help you.  There must be a reason you're on this island if you have such a. . . peculiar disorder."
     And so I left the island and published this article in which you read now.  I must say, the stench on that island seemed pretty strange from the start when I got there.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


A post just to bump down my other posts.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wonders through a Window

The moon is bright
For it is night.
Galvanized by the sky is I
Wondering little thoughts to keep me from the glow
Watching the stars shimmer by with time.
I look down to the forest when there is only a city.
I see the broken mountains when there is only fog.
I see the shimmering sea 
That is real
And the little wonders lying low.

Out from behind the trees
Figures peep.
They try to hide their smiles
As they greet me to their land
After I had traveled for miles.
They are the zaerens I had known in my head
For many years I've lived.
And I clearly see them now
As if they were truly there to fix my dread.

Up in the sky
There's a flash
And my chest tightens.
I feel energy pounding in my mind
As the spirit in me pushes out
To reach up and fly.
I almost cry.
I see three figures hover around the moon
Beams of light flying around them.
It is the most beautiful sight.

The three figures come towards me
Greet me
With happy smiles.
They introduce themselves as the three cousins
From the land in which I imagine.
A man steps from the shadows with a cloak as long as life.
He comes behind the cousins.
He says he is the king of gods
Just as I imagined him.

The cousins wave good-bye
And the other zaerens look with wonder
As I turn to leave.
I face the sea
And find myself in empty space
Feeling no feelings.
The stars are all around me now
Reflecting across the calm waters.

Then I begin to glow myself
Wondering what would come next.
I turn to face the zaerens and the forest
But nothing is there.
Then I'm swimming with no air
No mind
And in the morning I hear a cry.
It is mine.

I'm still here
In my mind
My spirit pushing
My head aches
My imagination quakes
And something there appears.
It's a dragon.
The one I have perceived as the Alternate One.
It glides to me through the stars
Bringing me back to sleep
And I dream some more.

The cousins are with me once more
Walking beside me on a white marble floor in a glowing room
Where the sunlight always peers through.
The guardians of Sooted Star watch as we proceed.
Mother Earth
Mother Moon
Mother Star.
They greet us in a chanted phrase
That no one understands but me.

Next thing I know
I'm swept off my feet
And I fly above the sea.
No one is with me
No one but Zxero
The Alternate One that stays with me
That is everywhere
However you perceive.

Now I sit and wonder
As I look out the window during midday.
I think of my travels through the night
And if it really happened.
Though as strange as it may seem
It was only because of
The magic in me.

--This poem represents me and two other people who have been made into one person.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In the Backyard

She stares from the back of everything
To the world surrounding her.
Yet she is sometimes in the back
Alone when she wants to be.
Happy and free is she
Though she is trapped among people
And she remains enclosed in her backyard
Yet able to see everything.
She is free when in the back
Was free
Is free
And will be free.
And when the time had come for her to open her mind
She did.
Though she wasn't heard
That place in her backyard
Was the place to be.
The place where she is alone
Yet heard all over the universe.
She would come to the back and greet the Backyard Spirit
Who guides her
And talks to her when she is alone
Who makes the moon shine for her
And the foliage thrive.
So she isn't alone!
And she is the happiest person there can be
One who respects the rest of the world
From a distance
From the back.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The One Who Wrote All?

For the miles they traveled
And the days they have aged
They approached her
And hovered there 
As she swept through their gaze.

They see the one who has written them
And their lives.
The one who created their sea
Their land
Their sky.

She stands there in a tunic
And smiles.
The three zaerens stand before her and shine
As bright as the moon.
One zaeren is of the stars
One of the kabuniverse
And one of the gods.
They hover there and sigh.

The stars hang over in the dark
The answer lay in a certain power
That is more than beyond.
And that power is unseen
Nor is it gone.

The three zaerens stare
Transfixed with wonder
As their imaginations ponder.

Beguiling, was she
The creator of all.
The one who sees everything
For it is not there
But in her head.