Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Short Story of Pain and Elation

Once upon a time, there lived me who had the hardest time finding her way in the world.  Perhaps you'll find that one day, my place in the world is totally different than yours.  Why?  Because I said so!  Why again?  Because everyone has a different place in the world!!  You see, everyone has their nook or crack in the world just big enough to fit themselves in.  Some cracks are small and the people like to lay low and get by in simple ways, but SOME people... their cracks are just a little too big and they get themselves into the most complicated situations, in which they sometimes suffocate at the bottom of their crack because a million other people are piled on top of them.
          Perhaps this is getting a little painful for you since all I'm doing right now is explaining a bunch of things about how this human society works in some cases.  Maybe I should start the story.  I was walking down the street one day and a man around my age (22 or so) came and randomly stomped on my foot.  Now like the "good" person I am, I gladly ignored him and went on walking to my car.  Unfortunately for me, this wretched young man followed me and tapped on my shoulder about five times before I finally turned around and slapped him.  (Yes, it doesn't seem quite right that this handsome guy deserved the slap, but he was getting on my nerves big time).
          It ends up being, this guy was trying to ask for directions, (which I had no clue in the slightest he was doing) and he didn't quite know how to say it in words.  I began to think he was drunk.  If he was, I would probably take him back to his home until he recovered instead of taking him to the police department and making my life a whole lot more complicated.  Perhaps it would be even easier to just leave him here for another person to deal with, but this guy wouldn't stop following me.
          I agreed to take him back to his house and said that if he didn't shut up, I would put him on the street where he belongs.  (Okay, looking back I think that was a little harsh to say).  But he gladly shut up until I returned him to his house.  After that, he asked if I had "the time."  I told him 9:20.  He said it again.  I grew annoyed.  Finally, I could tell that he was asking if I could stay and help him with burning CDs on his computer.  He told me that he was part of a band and that he would pay me if I burned the CDs for him.  I accepted.  I didn't see any violence or something of that male sort in his eyes, so I accepted, and I burned as many CDs as I could while the drunk guy crashed on the couch.  (He told me that his name was Swythe Tenon, which is a rather odd name I must say).
          I don't know how long it was, but I seemed to have woken up in an odd place with a great big crick in my neck and a big pile of CDs laying all around me.  I looked around and saw that this was Swythe's house. (Oh, of course).  In the kitchen, Swythe was cooking and after a long few minutes of realizing who I was, he came out with a plate of food for me.  I began to feel like I had been the drunk one.  I gladly ate the food and told him about myself so that I would feel like and honored guest rather than just some random person who burned CDs until 12:00 last night.  I told Swythe how I liked to play the electric violin.  Swythe told me about his band.  He asked if he could hear me play sometime.  I accepted his invitation.
          Though I had never even dreamed of being in a band before, I had somehow gotten my nose stuck in that odd door.  I had always wanted to live a simple life in a small crack, but I guess it's fine too that I'm in a band.  In a way, I'm glad that Swythe out of all people stomped on my foot when he was drunk.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


"Okay, fine then.  DON'T!"


Monday, March 7, 2011

The Sea

I can see the sea
Clearly as can be.
'Tis somewhere
That represents 
The true me.
I can feel the wind
And smell the salt
And finally breathe
The fresh air.
So now I finally see
Why people love the sea.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sandwiches are beautiful
Sandwiches are fine.

I like sandwiches
I eat them all the time.

I eat them for my dinner
I eat them for my lunch.

If I had a hundred sandwiches
I'd eat them all at once!