Saturday, April 30, 2011


This year is...  RANDOM CHARACTER YEAR!  Since we have practically zero active followers...  THIS WILL LAST A WHOLE YEAR!!  Woo-hoo...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Random Renn vs. Abirswythe Moment

Haha!  Didn't you think that was great, Swythe?

Yea huh.  Making people into puppets and controlling them?  Really...  you can do better than that.

Oh yea?  Wanna see?

*Pokes Abirswythe with a needle and starts sucking out his soul.*

Hey, quit it!

*Abirswythe draws his dagger*

Haha!  You won't be lasting much-- oh fisk!

*Renn scampers away while Abirswythe begins to chase him.*

Haha!  Your turn to get pwned.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Time, Man...

Wow, time flies fast.

Only day ago it seemed to be 2010...

Then came 2011 randomly popping up from no where!

I'm just here to celebrate time and enjoy the moment. =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Good, The Evil, The Wise

Oh, how the evil and good are powerful

Yes, but how the wise knows

Evil and good is not wise to be so.

The wise sees

And the good and evil grow

But they are both overrun

When their own power seeps right back into them.

Oh, and how the wise laughs in the end.

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Lucky Bracelets =)

My dragon bracelet =D

Wooden bracelet that's really comfy.

The amber bracelet of doom...

This one's very shiny... =)

Two random rubber bracelets. 

Bracelet my friend gave me =D

Oooh.. PEARLS...

For the survivors of breast cancer.

Obviously you can tell I had nothing else to write on this blog...

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Long Undecided Commitment

Parkane was always a quiet sort of country.  A few disturbances occasionally occurred, but otherwise, it was a very calm place.  Living there were many things, such as carriats, chirins, lonosens, hurins, and a variety of creatures that are nothing like the ones here on Earth.  They may seem like mixes of different kinds of normal living organisms on Earth, but I assure you-- they are quite "normal" on their own world.
          You could say that carriats are cats with wings and very long ears who have powers over the elements, or hurins are like humans with beaks for noses and fur all over and are rather intelligent.  No living thing here is like one on Earth.  Everything here is intelligent and has its own society, and one could say that the creatures here are so intelligent, they are smart enough to know what will happen in the future if they were to start inventing things.  They are smart enough to keep the old natural ways.
          In Parkane, the country within this "other" world, the creatures were peaceful and curious.  They always explored around at other territories like any living creature would do.  They lived in harmony with almost everything, even though they also had their own enemies which was normal in this world.  You may say that this land is so quiet, you could hear a leaf hit a branch as it fell a mile away.
          Unfortunately, the creatures grew scared when the saw strange, dark formations in the sky descending upon them.  The formations were big, long creatures with wings.  They breathed fire and had come from a different world.  The creatures down in Parkane ran for their lives, but one of the species knew what these newcomers were.  They were dragons of course!  They could travel anywhere in time and space.  The species that knew about the dragons were the lonosens, the creatures that were griffin-like, but were almost like a body of dead leaves.  They warned the other species about the dragons and their power, but they also mentioned how they were portal travelers and had incredible powers.  Everyone was afraid, but over time, all the creatures began to respect the dragons and call them their superiors.  The dragons were kind to the creatures of Parkane and had done no harm.
          But one dark and windy night, the dragons began to disappear.  One by one they disappeared over the course of a month before the creatures of Parkane noticed.  Everyone began to wonder and fear that their world was not being protected anymore.  For many long generations, the creatures waited for the dragon's return, but they saw none.  Over that long period of time, everyone began to forget what the dragons were like.
Many generations after the dragons disappeared, one female carriat, the creature with wings and big long ears, was born in the Fire Clan.  The other carriats said that she was the most beautiful carriat ever seen.  Unfortunately, female carriats of the Fire Clan were nothing but property for the males to use as breeding mechanisms or slaves.  When this new female arrived, she was forced to become the one who sat around trying to attract the strong male warriors from other clans.  They called her Moonshadow.
          As Moonshadow grew older and began to notice the traditions of her clan, she grew furious.  She attempted to run away multiple times, but she was always caught and beaten to the point where she could barely feel her own breath.
          One day, Moonshadow looked through a room of scrolls in the tree palace at which all records were held.  One of the scrolls caught her eye.  She read the scroll over and over again, not understanding what she was reading about, but she soon realized that this scroll was about the dragons that had come to Parkane from many universes away.  She read about their powers and their cleverness, and that even a dragon who didn't have a voice could speak through their actions and effect people in the same way.  Moonshadow read of their wisdom and their harmony with the rest of the universe and how they came to be.  She also read of one dragon who existed before all of them.  This dragon was called Zxero.  Zxero was neither male nor female and this dragon had much wisdom and much power.  Moonshadow read the scroll some more and saw that it also said that one could receive strength in the body, the soul, and the mind if one were to meet with a dragon and befriend it.
          Moonshadow began to wonder about this and finally decided that she would try to run away for the last time, only this time, she would search for a dragon.  So during the middle of a dark, windy night, Moonshadow took flight and went in a direction she never went before.  The most dangerous route in the entire wood.

Perhaps will be finished in the next part...