Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lucia and None-of-your-Business's Conversation

"Someday during our lives, we'll go to the stars," Lucia said, looking at the sky.

"Or perhaps the stars will come to us," None-of-your-Business replied, side glancing his friend in a hinting way.

"Perhaps poetically," said Lucia.  "But stars can't come to us."

"Then what are those glowing things that fall from the sky at night?"

"They're called meteoroids.  They're not stars.  They're much smaller and they dissolve in our atmosphere as they fall."

None-of-your-Business looked disbelievingly at Lucia, but he had to believe her, for she was always right when it came to these kinds of conversations.

"Boy, can't comment when it comes to you and this place you call 'outer space,'" None-of-your-Business joked.

Lucia laughed.  The two friends continued along the stream.  

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oy, How She Came 'N Went

Flip flap
Across the land
Through the sky.
Oy, how she flies!

Scitter scatter
A harsh landing
Into the woods
Oy, how she glides!

Burble gurgle 
Drinkin' up the last o the rum
The others hum a shanty
Oy, how she drinks!

Rittle rattle
A ship be prepared
To transport thine goods
Oy, how she i'nt scared!

Bing bang 
A storm hits the ship
Large and wide
Oy, how she calls!

Sing sang
The voyage continues
And they travel the thousand leagues
Oy, how she sings her song!