Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sir Gust, the Cat of the Round Table

He thrived amongst the shrubs

Born in a litter of five

With only a brother now

His gray and black coat

Of shining fur for armor

His sword his tail

And his eyes his magic.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

To Steal a Star: 2 Zxero is Indeed a Dragon

Even though we do live in what we call 'reality,' there is always another dimension of reality where lies our imagination.  The raven, of course, since she had such a wide imagination, imagined a world part of this other dimension of reality.  We would call this a 'fantasy world.'  But if we imagine this 'fantasy world,' do the things in this world imagine reality?  It may be a question to remain unanswered.  But even if this the case, you may also question this when I tell you that there is a being in this other dimension of reality who imagines reality.  In fact, this being imagines the raven just like the raven imagines the being.
          You may be wondering who or what this being is.  Well, I shall most certainly tell you.  His name is Zxero.  He is a dragon that lives in the raven's own other dimension of reality.  On his world, he lives on a mountain and writes all day, rather than flying around with other dragons and acting stupid like they all do. In many ways, he is just like the raven.  He writes, imagines reality, and pretends he is elsewhere.  The only difference between him and the raven is that he can speak in many languages, unlike the raven who in her reality, can only speak her own way (the way of the ravens of course).
          But for now we will leave Zxero in the caves and return to the raven and see how she ends up coming to the other dimension of reality.

To be continued...

To Steal a Star: 1 The Nameless Raven

The raven, which has no name, and will remain nameless throughout this entire story, lived in the city of San Francisco.  Her reality was like any reality-- full of life, death, and daily adventure.  She lived a life of stealing.  The other ravens often harassed her, for she did not act or think like them.  This was because she was much more clever than a usual raven.  Therefore, with this clever mind of her's, she also had imagination.  And with this wide imagination, she often formed clever ideas.  She often thought she could steal the moon and catch the stars.  She thought she could befriend the trees and speak with them.  This was not the case though.  These things could not happen in her reality, and she knew it.

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dimensional Analysis

Who says this is reality?

Who says the person we see in the mirror

Doesn't see us too?

When they live a different life

And come to the mirror when we do.

Do we imagine the other dimension

Or does the other dimension imagine us?

Or both, perhaps

And see, we couldn't care less


Time rolls like the wind

In pretty little gusts

Or evil torrents

But it rolls on, it does

Within both dimensions.

And these two dimensions

Both alike yet so different

Roll like time

And both time and dimension

Leave the little things in its courses to wonder.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Poem of the Heart




And Slow,

The way the heart seems to go.

It always changes.

Not stay same.

For time shall too.


The friend,

And foe,

Of the Heart.

Time tries to slay Heart many chances it gets,

But Heart always managed to re-gain,

And come back to the field.

Heart also faces many friends,




And Sweet.

They all come to Heart's side with smiles and hugs.

They also bring friends of their own.




And Growth.

They greet Heart and bow in respect.

They all become friends with Heart,

And even protect Heart from the wrath of Time.

As days go by,

Growth soon gets bothered.

Other friends from Time then come to play.




And the evil "L".

They all come and poke at Growth.

Growth gets bothered by them,

But was then saved by Heart and Happiness.

They soon learned more about each other,

And soon learn the thinking of liking and disliking.

Happiness started to hate Sadness.

Silly always startled Scared.

Youth seemed to anger Jealously.

And so on.

But the one that seemed to never end,

Was Love to the evil "L".

Love always ran and hid,

But "L" then sneaked and snickered.

Love will get friends to protect Her,

But "L" still persisted and provoked.

Love soon got tired of it,

And made a truce with "L".

So now Love and "L" are bonded,

To hopefully a peace,

A game that will never end.

This made a conclusion,

For Time and Heart,

That they will never get along.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To Steal a Star

...A book currently being written in a College Rule journal.

It is called "To Steal a Star."

It is about many characters, but mainly three characters who all imagine this other world.  They accidentally get sent through portals from their realities to their fantasy world and meet each other there.  Oh, and yes, the characters' names I must mention:
~The Raven

Zxero:  Of course, for those of you who knew Zxero from previous stories, he is a dragon.  This time, he belongs in this story I think.

Owen:  He's a boy of about 16 who has a very wide imagination.  He is often picked on in school.  But one day he is bullied, so he runs away.  I won't tell what happens next.

The Raven:  Obviously, she is a raven.  Well perhaps it isn't that obvious, for she could be different, but still, she is a raven indeed.  She is the cleverest raven of her kind, but she is also picked on.  Therefore, she is very lonely.

...And that is all for now about the main 3 characters.  Onward with the plot!  So they come to this world and they find that it is very dangerous, but they each have a certain kind of magic in this world.  They must master their own magic so that they can survive in the world, because almost everyone is against them.  Ok, I will spoil it for you.  They learn that their imagination is the most powerful of their magic near the end of the story.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peter's Sonnet (for "Romeo and Juliet")

Fighting for another, o dare I say
Like eating misshapen crows and a beet
Thou hast sat upon the moon ‘til this day
Ordering my sorrows to heal thine feet.
I have lived this life quite clean and unseen 
Mine eyes observing where your problems lie
Alas thou canst not see me, don’t be obscene!
For it is I who lives and doth not die.
You don’t bow to me but I bow to thee
It upsets me indeed and quite
But nay, do I complain but only to me
I wish to run into this fine old night.
Thus, I will end my ridiculous complaints
Instead, share my love for poems and paints.