Saturday, January 12, 2013

Darkness sacrifices

Imagine all of the happiness
The miracles
Like the heros in the war
Or the child just born
And the sudden burst of
In the clouds.
The good, simple things, too.

But what happened to the 
Wonderful darkness?
The death and violence
And the starless nights?
As they sacrifice themselves 
To give people
What we call hope?

How can we not appreciate it?
And take for granted our 
The darkness has always been there
For the light to shine over it.
And the light will always shine over it
Yet to respect the darkness
Seems unspeakable.

But see, the dark sacrifices itself
So that we do not take the light for granted.
And here I respect it
Because it is a beautiful thing.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Changes for better and worse

It may be a new time
A new world
A new chance
To build something better.
But what if that new better
Is not going back to something?
What if the new better is
Leaving the people alone
Who do not want to create a new bond
With something old they do not want
In their life?
What if a new better
Is is creating something worse
To sacrifice something
For something else wished for?
Goodness does not come
From goodness alone
The meaning of it is not always
Starting new.
It is constant changing
And redoing does not always
Have to be done. 
Who said it was easy?
When so many want something
They cannot get
And there is the misery again.
Then they suddenly
Receive something else;
A change in life
That is not keeping the flame
Of an old friendship
That is unwanted,
But rather,
It is new in a different way
And a choice of them.
Not others.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It flies across the sea,
across the sky and shall become the stars,
for it likes to do that, and the blood
shall run and expose the once hidden bone inside,
while the tears pray for happiness in life.

It watches over the land as a young girl with a muddy cloak
sits on a stump of a once lively tree,
crying as the thoughts of her loved ones
cross her mind.
It then turns to a boy
who watches the mountains as they seemingly
uproot themselves from the flatland
that are the valleys where the ravens gaze.

Friday, January 4, 2013