Friday, February 21, 2014


Yythorlan (more commonly Orlandis), an androgynous myterus (or phantom/ghost if that is easier to comprehend) thinks about three lovely characters from three different realities. They are Merlin (Emrys) the mage, Sherlock Holmes the detective, and River Tam the psychopath.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

long white coat

i'm attracted to the
coils of your mind
throbbing with endless knots of
reasonings and meanings
behind every wall you set up

do you see me reaching through
your walls?
beyond your black trench coat collar covering your eyes
your fatigued face
that matches the
unwillingness in your stare--
does it fear
a softer gaze
than you get from your archenemies?

maybe i reflect your colours with
my long white lab coat
which you've been scratching at all your life
because it has what
you may have been searching for
besides the thrill of deducing me and
drawing the killers
out of their solitude-filled existences

you want what you could have so far
and i close my eyes
in hope perhaps
you might too, just to hear me think
even if you do tell people
to shut up even when they're voiceless

my hand has stopped at your
metal walls
that burn
and i am now furtive--
kept wondering if maybe
i am your worst criminal
trying to murder the you you've shown

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

too young, too far

I heard I'm too young
to be jaded
I take
pretty sea glass and turn it to dust
embittered eyes scanning
a red world
The clouds are endless
Forests far away and
the pollution has entered my head

I don't want you to go
yet I know
we're all individual
whether or not that means