Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Miraki" ~ A new story (in need of an official title)

I am now starting another story (along with my main novel). It might become a novel, but it also might become a manga, we shall see. It has... a lot of fears I have related to gender. So today I will post the story summary, and I hope you will enjoy it. Later on I will post chapters.


Miraki, a 22-year-old transgender-nonbinary with a female body works part time and goes to college. Miraki goes by the “zei/zem” pronoun, though many people, including zeir family do not accept it. Zei works hard at zeir job, trying to save up for the new, guaranteed safe surgical and hormonal changes to make zem androgynous. But just as zei is ready to undergo the process, tragedy occurs in zeir family, in which zeir parents fall into debt and force Miraki to give up all of zeir money. Along with that, zei must quit college and return home where laws have changed--much to zeir misery. Because of the population decrease in zeir country, harems have become legal, and every man is allowed at most four wives--and since Miraki’s family is now poor, zei is forced into a feminine lifestyle where zei must go by the “she/her” pronoun and marry into a rich family. To make matters worse, the husband zei receives is cruel to zem, sexually abusing zem and always telling zem that zei will never escape the fact that zei is a “woman.” Will Miraki be able to escape from this hopeless trap and fly to a better life?      

By the way, Miraki is not supposed to be the official title of the story, so any title ideas are welcome.

Thank you for reading.
~Aberswyth out