Saturday, December 5, 2015

Miraki: Chapter 1

Miraki’s hand went limp. It was because of a sudden numbness—it coursed through zeir veins and tantalized zem. From zeir hand, the phone fell to the floor. 
     “Miraki?” a crackled voice said from the phone. The voice sounded worried. “Miraki! My dear girl, where are you?”
     Miraki stared into the empty space of zeir mind for a moment until the words registered. As they did, zeir face slowly twisted into disgust and ferocity. 
     “Don’t call me girl,” zei whispered under boiling breath. Slowly, zeir hands clenched into fists. 
     “Miraki,” the voice said again. “Please answer me. I’m truly sorry to bring this news.”
     Miraki sat dumbfounded for a while longer. Zei opened zeir mouth as if to speak, but no words would come. Zeir face turned mildly red. Zeir jaws were clenched tight. 
     “I—,” zei started quietly, downturning zeir head and letting zeir short black hair fall in front of zeir thin, pale face. 
     “Miraki, please!”

     Annoyed and almost to the point of tears, zei suddenly bent over and grabbed the phone, pressing the end button immediately. The crackle of the phone disappeared. Everything went silent.